about-authorAlysse Metzler, currently a Senior Recruiter, fighting the war on technical talent, has raw recruiting talent and over 12 years of corporate recruiting experience. She stumbled into the industry while still in college and immediately fell in love with Recruiting. She’s helped corporations in the mortgage industry, banking, for profit education, technical, sports and entertainment, and video game industries, search across the globe for top talent. Alysse genuinely cares for her candidates and has the ability to connect with them on a personal level. This ability allows her to find the right career path for all of her candidates and truly sets all of her hires up for success.

Alysse’s career evolved to not only finding the best talent in the industry but also helping America get back to work. Her life’s mission is to help people of all ages and backgrounds find their dream job. She’s taken all of the lessons she’s learned in her 12 years of recruiting and wrote, The Recruiting Snitch, Recruiting Secrets to Help Land Your Dream Job. Alysse believes by understanding what a recruiter thinks, an applicant can achieve better results from their interviews and their job search. Give yourself an edge above the competition by purchasing The Recruiting Snitch Today!

About The Recruiting Snitch


The Recruiting Snitch is jam packed with secrets to guide you through the interview process and to outshine the other candidates. Not only does Alysse provide her own knowledge and advice but she has the opinions of 101 other recruiters in the United States to support her. She includes graphs to help visualize her statistics as well as direct quotes from the recruiters who completed her research. Alysse genuinely wants to help America get back to work, however strap on your boots, because she will tell you things you don’t want to hear.