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Ready for a Rockstar Resume?

Your résumé is your advertisement. This piece of marketing material is your ticket to receiving an interview. Alysse has read through thousands of résumés and she’s an expert at knowing what recruiters want to see and what they do not. In “The Recruiting Snitch” she’s dedicated a chapter about how to write a résumé. After reading her book, if you feel you need further assistance with your résumé, Alysse offers professional resume writing services and would be more than happy to work with you to help you achieve the rock star résumé status.

Before and After Transformations

Rockstar Résumé Writing Services

Tier 1

“I need your opinion”

Includes: 30 minute phone consultation with Alysse. Overall résumé critique, résumé review, and details will be provided with the overall thoughts and areas of improvements.

Tier 2

“I have 1-7 years experience, on the right track, but need more guidance”

Includes: 30 minute phone consultation with Alysse. In detail résumé critique and edits will be completed by Alysse.

Tier 3

“I'm an experienced professional with 8+ years experience and don't have the time or desire to write my resume"

Includes: 30 min phone consultation with Alysse. You will submit your current résumé and a glowing résumé will be created and sent to you.

College Student Package

Career Consultation & Free Book

Includes: 15 minute consultation with Alysse to discuss your college plans and career ideas for your future. She will review your resume and make all edits herself. As a reward for being proactive while in school Alysse will include a FREE book!


"Help me decide what I need"

I need 30 minutes with Alysse to discuss my resume, but would like her to recommend what level of service I require. Includes Tier 1 service and a recommendation for further consultation based on your specific needs. If recommended to move forward with one of the Tiers, the fee paid will be taken off the price of the Tier package selected.

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