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Alysse Metzler-Coe, currently serving as a Talent Acquisition Lead for a AAA Video Game Developer and Publisher, stands at the forefront of the ongoing battle for talent acquisition. With a natural flair for recruiting and 20 years of extensive corporate recruiting experience, Alysse's journey in the industry began during her college days, where she discovered her passion for the world of hiring.

Throughout her career, Alysse has lent her expertise to diverse sectors, including the mortgage industry, banking, for-profit education, technical fields, sports and entertainment, and the video game industry. Her reach extends globally as she spearheads searches for top-tier talent across borders.

Beyond her corporate role, Alysse is the driving force behind Rockstar Resume Writing services, a platform through which she imparts her wealth of experience to job seekers ranging from college students to CEOs. Her personalized and expertly crafted resumes empower individuals to secure their dream jobs with confidence.

Alysse's commitment to making a positive impact extends to her partnerships with various organizations. She collaborates with the Ascending Athletes foundation, providing support for former NFL and NBA players as they navigate career transitions beyond the field or court. Additionally, she engages with the Orlando Solar Bears and the University of Central Florida's College of Business.

What sets Alysse apart is not just her professional prowess but her genuine care for candidates. Her ability to connect with individuals on a personal level enables her to discern the ideal career path for each candidate, ensuring that every hire is poised for success under her guidance.

The Recruiting Snitch was Born

Alysse’s career evolved to not only finding the best talent in the industry but also helping America get back to work. Her life’s mission is to help people of all ages and backgrounds find their dream job. She’s taken all of the lessons she’s learned in her 20 years of recruiting and wrote, The Recruiting Snitch, Recruiting Secrets to Help Land Your Dream Job. Alysse believes by understanding what a recruiter thinks, an applicant can achieve better results from their interviews and their job search. Give yourself an edge above the competition by purchasing The Recruiting Snitch Today!

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