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About the Recruiting Snitch

The Recruiting Snitch is jam packed with secrets to guide you through the interview process and to outshine the other candidates. Not only does Alysse provide her own knowledge and advice but she has the opinions of 101 other recruiters in the United States to support her. She includes graphs to help visualize her statistics as well as direct quotes from the recruiters who completed her research. Alysse genuinely wants to help America get back to work, however strap on your boots, because she will tell you things you don’t want to hear.

Alysse has the Answers

  • Have you ever wondered how much time a recruiter actually spends reviewing your resume?
  • When you apply on line, do you feel your resume shoots into a black hole?
  • Do you know the appropriate time to follow up after an interview?
  • Did you know your interview starts from the moment you pull in to the parking lot?
  • Do you know what to put and not put on your resume?
  • Did you know most of the time a recruiter has the ability to negotiate your offer?
  • Did you know the proper way to answer your interview questions is to use the S.T.A.R method?
  • Do you know how to become a superstar candidate?

Alysse tackles these questions as well as many more in The Recruiting Snitch. Set yourself above the competition and order The Recruiting Snitch, now!

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If you are job searching and know your worth.... get this book! Game changer.

Being a college student can definitely be stressful, especially if you are looking to attain (which everyone should be doing!) high positions within a company. As such, any college student – or anyone looking for a job in general – should be accepting as much guidance as they can possibly get! Alysse Metzler, after years working for large companies such as EA and Zynga, took her knowledge of what professional Job Recruiters look for in candidates, broke unspoken rules, and divulged sensitive information to help those individuals who are unemployed, fresh out of college, or preparing to graduate, find their dream job.However, she doesn’t just present here knowledge as if this were just another textbook to read during high school or college. She keeps everything clear to understand, and takes the time to emphasis critical points to increasing your chances of obtaining that twinkle of a job in your eyes! The book also includes not just her opinion, but that of 101 (that’s right, over ONE HUNDERED different opinions!) on the different topics she discusses within the book: the importance on LinkedIn, resume building, conducting phone interviews, in person interviews (just an aside from information from the book: park in the parking lot like the owner of the company has a window facing that same parking lot), and - a dreaded topic for most – networking. Almost every time she does mention what her colleges said on the topic, she provides percentages of who said what, and even picture-book-esque graphs! For anyone that is serious about advancing in their careers, Alysse takes the large and complex field of recruiting, and gives the readers a Need-to-Know TL;DR version of every class, seminar, or workshop you will take on how to get the jobs of your dream!

This book was absolutely refreshing. Many people like me who have already tried and came up less than successful at finding employment after graduating have heard a thousand different opinions from family, friends, and co workers on how to get a job. The best part of this book was that it gives you a different perspective on the whole process. She clearly defines what is expected of potential recruits by people like her, recruiters. There is a section of the book that covers your resume. And that section by far has the best tips of do's and don'ts that I have ever come across. The author does a superb job of highlighting the important topics but also putting her own personal twist from her experiences into the book. If you are ever going to be looking for a new job, and you probably will be, you need to read this book!

I recommend The Recruiting Snitch to anyone who's unemployed looking for a job out there!! This book is truly very helpful! I bought this book thinking that it wouldn't be much help and that I wouldn't any gain more knowledge than from what I've already been taught. Man was I wrong! The Recruiting Snitch actually gave me more confidence and reassurance in finding a job, something I realized that i have been lacking before reading this book! There are A LOT of helpful tips and you can tell the author is passionate in helping out and very skilled in this department just by reading her book. Reading the interview chapter and all of the Dos and Donts provided gave me a ton of confidence in myself in actually going to a job interview! There were a lot of things that I grasped for this book! Im glad I read it.

Five stars is undeniably deserved for "The Recruiting Snitch" by Alysse Metzler. Each chapter is short and unbelievably sweet, giving out key and modern answers to the burning questions college students have as they search for internships and full time jobs. Personally as a junior at the University of Central Florida, this book was worth every penny I paid for, and is a small smart book that I will hold on for years and years to come. I particularly liked the chapter talking about employment history, I didn't know that factor was such a big deal, but I know now! The 101 recruiters surveyed was a great common theme throughout the book.

Great read! I read The Recruiting Snitch this summer for one of my college classes. It's a short read, packed with valuable information. As a college student dipping my toe in the professional world, this book taught me how to clean up and put my best foot forward. Alysse surveyed 101 recruiters across the U.S. and revealed what they were actually thinking. I love that she gathered the perspectives of various recruiters. I found this was a very unique take on a book, as I've only read books that had one-perspective views. I am writing a College Freshman Survival blog and recommended this book to all of my readers.

As a College Student I really Didn't know the "Trick" if you might call it to be successful in Networking and Meeting people. This book has techniques that are extremely relevant and important for anyone to Successfully accomplish the art of Networking while in College. As you learn about all this tips you start to realize that it really isn’t as hard as it looks and doesn’t really take much. Even without realizing it I’ve started Networking in the simplest ways, then you Realize that really all it takes is for you to care and put in some of your interest towards learning about people in your related fields and so on.. These people will get you places you have never imagined.

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